No, not the type where you get a nice shiny diamond on your finger.  I’m talking about social media engagement.

So you’ve set up your business. Your branding is looking top notch, website looks amazing, Facebook, Instagram looking perfect 👌

You invite all your friend to like your shiny new business page, they invite all their friends to like your page… you’ve got hundreds of followers already…brilliant right?

NO. It actually kills your organic page reach.

Think about it…you post on your FB page, and you don’t get any engagement because all your followers have no idea who you are, what you’re about and have zero interest in your business. They’re only following you because they liked your page as a favour to a mate. They received an invite saying “such and such invited you to like xyz page”…
And many will click like as a robotic response because they like the friend who’s asking and are helping them out!

So…What happens next?

Well you’ve got lots of followers on your business page but no or very low engagement.
Facebook have a wonderful thing called the algorithm which makes a decision that your page is rubbish and no one is interested in the content 😥

It makes the decision that all the people who liked the page, as they don’t do anything else to ENGAGE with you eg. comment, like, share etc. they must not think your content is of value.
No value = less organic reach

Think about how many pages you have liked and haven’t seen stuff from for a long time…it’s because you don’t engage and FB have decided not to show you that stuff.

So firstly do not invite all your friends to like your page unless they are your ideal customer.
Also asking for ‘like for like’ or ‘help a small business invite all your friends’ is not a strategy for growth.

Please, please, please only like pages you are interested in and will engage with. 

Dormant likes do not result in sales, they are vanity numbers and they kill the rest of your reach. Equally likes from someone who is never likely to buy from you and not your ideal customer are of no value. Real genuine engagement is what you need to be targeting, a small number of likes and real engagement is so much better than large numbers.

The onus is on us the business owner to make their business page interesting and engaging to their ideal clients. Remember, FB is no longer a numbers game of vanity likes.

So, now we know we need engagement to help grow your reach… how do we create content that guarantees engagement? 

Here are my tips…

1. Follow the 4:3:2 rule…
It’s a simple ratio for your social media posts:
4 posts which add value to your brand… useful tips to help your reader: Tip Tuesday, Wednesday Wisdom, how to videos etc.
3 posts that show your personality in your posts…post content that create connections: current affairs, your thoughts, how you’re feeling.
2 posts that promote or sell yourself: show your work, testimonials from clients, behind the scenes.

2. Don’t be Spammie Pammy! Don’t be posting rubbish day after day. Take time and effort to create your posts AND you don’t have to post everyday.

3. Network and create relationships.  Don’t be a ‘lurker’, if you read a post and enjoy it make sure you like, comment or share. This will help to create good online relationships.

4. Take advantage of national holidays and key dates.  It’s not just about Valentines day, Christmas day etc. Don’t forget about World Smile Day (2nd October) or World Mental Health Day (10th October) and of course Black Friday (27th November). The list goes on and on! There’s even World Cake Day (26th November).
I always make a list of those key dates that are relevant to my business and create interesting content around them. It’s a great way to engage with your followers.

And there you have it… 

Go forth and ENGAGE!

Published by kristinahunt22

Hi! I have over 17 years experience working in Executive Support and Marketing & Design. During this time I have worked for some major brands including Kelloggs, ASICS and Phones 4u. I'm now utilising my marketing and organisational skills by helping start ups and smaller businesses to get organised and noticed!

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